For advising the Board of Governors and the Executive Council in the formulation of planning and development of its multifarious research and academic programmes, the AGRASRI has constituted the Hon. Board of Advisers, consisting of leading experts and specialists, under the stewardship of Dr (Mrs) V. Mohini Giri, eminent social scientist/social activist.
The following is the composition of the Hon. Board of Advisers for the years 2014-2016:

  • Chairperson
    Dr (Mrs) V. Mohini Giri
    Former Chairperson, National Commission for Women, New Delhi.
  • Members
    Dr (Mrs) Jaya Arunachalam
    President, Working Women’s Forum, Chennai.
  • Shri K.Chandramouli, IAS (Retd.)
    Former Commissioner, AP Academy of Rural Development, Hyderabad.
  • Dr. T.H. Chaudhary
    Chairman, Pragna Bharathi, Hyderabad.
  • Prof. Ram Puniyani
    Chairman, Centre for the Study of Society and Secularism, Mumbai.